Machinery Rescue Awareness

Introductory Information:

Participants will learn how to respond at the Awareness Level for incidents involving personnel who have become trapped, entangled or pinned in various types of machinery.

Main Topics Covered in this Course Include:

  • Hazards of Machinery

  • Terminology and Levels of Training

  • Rescue Scene Management

  • Basic Emergency Medical Services

Legal Requirements:

This training program is designed to provide you with the knowledge required to respond to a Machinery Rescue at the Awareness Level, as described by National Fire Protection Association Standard 1670, Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents (2009 Edition). At this level of training, you will be taking initial actions that will help to stabilize the incident until rescuers trained to a higher level of response arrive on scene.

In order to perform rescues from machines at the Operations Level, additional training will be required. This additional training shouldaddress rescues from machines found in many industrial facilities, such as conveyors, lift tables, gear drives, printing presses, and food processing equipment.

Course Duration: 2 hours

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