Hospital-Based Decontamination: Hazard Recognition

Introductory Information:

Participants will learn how to recognize hazardous materials in order to decontaminate patients safely.

Main Topics Covered in this Course Include:

  • Chemical and Physical Properties

  • Routes of Entry

  • Measures of Exposure

  • Health Effects

Legal Requirements

OSHA defines First Receivers as healthcare workers at a hospital that receives contaminated patients for treatment. First Receivers typically include clinicians and other hospital staff who have a role in receiving and treating contaminated victims. First Receivers also include those whose roles support these functions. First Receivers may include hospital technicians, facilities and engineering staff, housekeeping staff, employees who conduct patient tracking, Emergency Room employees, and those who provide treatment to contaminated patients. According to OSHA, First Receivers must receive training based on the jobs they will perform during patient decontamination.

Course Duration: 2 Hours

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